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The electrical switchboard


  • Protection of your electrical installation in accordance with current regulations
  • Alerts in the event of an electrical fault


  • Programming of your circuits day/night, presence/absence, tariff periods
  • Automatic load shedding of low priority circuits in the event of high consumption
  • Measurement and detailed analysis of consumption in real time


  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Remote control
  • Multi-switchboard management

  • Aggregation of multi-site data
  • Centralized management
  • Predictive analysis by consumption item


  • In case of overconsumption (e.g. a freezer left open)
  • In case of non-consumption (ex: faulty pump)

Rental management

  • Remote control (eg: Stopping the air conditioning after the departure of tenants)
  • Abuse monitoring
  • Consumption cap with automatic load shedding
  • Sub-invoicing


  • Possibility of delegating electrical monitoring and maintenance to your electrician
  • Remote diagnosis

Reporting of consumption data

  • Fine measurement by energy consumption item
  • Transmission of status and consumption data, in compliance with the protection of personal data

Flow optimization​

  • Sending of load shedding orders targeting low priority circuits in order to smooth consumption peaks and relieve the network when it is under pressure

In favor of green energy

  • Sending battery charging orders when renewable energies are available
Control your expenses in real time
Control your installation
Optimize your electricity plan
Reasoned consumption
Your customizable installation
Compare to consume better
A safer installation
Manage remotely