The first smart digital
electrical switchboard


  • Protection of your electrical installation in accordance with current regulations
  • Alerts in the event of an electrical fault


  • Tariff preferences, day/night and presence/absence featuress
  • Automatic load shedding of low priority circuits in the event of high consumption
  • Detailed analysis of consumption in real time


  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Remote control
  • Multi-switchboard management


  • The electrical switchboard is no longer hiding!

  • Multi-switchboard data aggregation
  • Centralized management
  • Fine and real-time analysis of a site's consumption
  • Configuration of priority circuits and automatic load shedding
  • Routines scheduling

  • Certification
  • Member of the Oghji network and visible in our directory of partners
  • Alerts in the event of an electrical fault
  • Access to events and errors
  • Remote diagnostic and control
  • Maintenance contracts for business and consumers

Modulation of energy consumtion and crisis management

  • Load shedding orders for certain low-priority circuits from electricity suppliers to compensate for momentary production drops or in the event of climatic hazards, accidents or network failures, in order to prevent electrical blackouts and minimize the impact on consumers.

Aggregation of data

  • Essential piece of predictive analytics and big data thanks to the transmission of statuses and consumption information from each circuit, in each household and business equipped with Oghji. In compliance with the protection of personal data.

Management of installations

  • Contribution to the optimization of electrical flows and resources at the scale of a territory (building, company, city) thanks to its remote circuit management feature.

Maitrisez vos dépenses en temps réel
Contrôlez votre installation
Optimize your electricity plan
Une consommation raisonnée
Votre installation personnalisable
Comparer pour mieux consommer
Une installation plus sûre
Gérez à distance

In order to best meet your needs, Oghji exists in various single-phase and three-phase models.




We recommend you:

Oghji M8
Oghji M16
Oghji M24
Oghji T24
Oghji T48

is easy to integrate

Oghji takes place of your traditional electrical switchboard, connected between your general circuit breaker and your various electrical circuits.

replace my existing switchboard by the oghji switchboard

I configure each of my circuits by following the guidelines of the integrated assistant

That's it ! Oghji monitors from now on my electrical installation and informs me in case of electrical fault

I connect Oghji to the wifi and download the app to control my switchboard remotely (optionnal)

Our ambition is to develop a new generation of electrical switchboard that revolutionizes the use of electricity by providing flexibility, comfort and savings.
The Oghji team

Pierre Fourlinnie

Founder & President

Engineer from the Ecole Spéciale de Mécanique et d’Electricité ESME Sudria, Pierre attaches great importance to technological advances not only bringing us comfort, but also helping to preserve our environment and our natural resources.

Alexandre Mély

Chief Operating Officer

Ingénieur en Informatique et féru de domotique, Alex est le créateur d’OpenJarvis,​ un assistant vocal ultra-léger et multilingue. ​ Convaincu du caractère révolutionnaire d’oghji, et en charge des opérations,  Alex s’assurera qu’oghji réponde à toutes ses promesses… et il rêve déjà aux nombreuses évolutions possibles.

Benjamin Orion

Communication Director

Benjamin is the founder of the startup Deserve Mi. Passionate about innovation, he joined the Oghji team to highlight this new design and extremely efficient electrical switchboard.

Muriel Etievant

Sales and Marketing Director

Diplômée d’école de commerce et spécialisée dans l’expérience clients et utilisateurs , Muriel met la priorité aux aspects pratiques et fonctionnels. Le vrai plus d’oghji c’est d’être bien plus qu’un tableau électrique et de surcroit à la portée de tous et de toutes.​

Dominique Lapôtre

Financial Director

A graduate of ESSEC and committed to the environment, Dominique believes that there can be no energy transition without energy efficiency.

Ludovic Dendane

Legal Director

A graduate in business law and intellectual property law, Ludovic has solid experience in promoting innovation. As with many technological advances, the feeling of novelty will give way to a real craze.


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